Beelzebub’s Salsa


Beelzebub’s Original Salsa – A flavorful medium-hot with a fresh jalapeno kick.


  Beelzebub’s Medium Salsa – Same unique flavor as our Original, but sweeter with a lighter heat—no hot peppers.


Beelzebub’s Inferno Salsa – Hot! A flavorful heat with jalapenos, serranos, and cayenne chilies. Our hottest year-round sa

Garlic & Lime Salsa

Beelzebub’s Garlic & Lime Salsa – Bursting with a perfect blend of fresh, sweet lime and a spicy garlic finish. Pureed

Black Bean & Corn

Beelzebub’s Black Bean & Corn Salsa – A spicy Southwestern flavor on top of a Beelzebub’s Medium base. Loaded with i


Beelzebub’s Pineapple Salsa – Mild & Sweet! Featuring fresh pineapple, extra-fresh cilantro, and a hint of our signatu

Chipotle Garlic

Beelzebub’s Chipotle Garlic Salsa– Spicy! Garlicky! Smoky! Perfectly layered with a flavorful-hot Beelzebub’s Original b

Maple Chipotle

Beelzebub’s Maple Chipotle Salsa – Using only Pennsylvanian pure grade A medium amber maple syrup and a hint of smoky chip


Beelzebub’s Strawberry Salsa – Fresh, juicy strawberries make this springtime salsa spicy-sweet! Available – Spring –

Pico De Gallo

Beelzebub’s Pico De Gallo – A juicy summer salsa. Using a combination of the ripest herilooom tomatoes from the garden


Beelzebub’s Verde Salsa – All green — no red tomatoes! Using fresh, local tomatillos, serrano peppers, a hint of fresh l

Cranberry Salsa

Beelzebub’s Cranberry Salsa – Completely different than any other salsa we make — no tomatoes. Fresh cranberries sweeten


Beelzebub’s Blueberry Salsa – A rare, fruit-based salsa that borders on being a chutney. Using only local, fresh blueberri

Honeycrisp Apple

Beelzebub’s Honeycrisp Apple Salsa – This salsa is extremely unique with a delicate blend of spices, such as ginger and ci

Cucumber – Strawberry

Beelzebub’s Cucumber – Strawberry Salsa – Cucumbers in salsa? Yes! Makes this an early summer super fresh delic


Beelzebub’s Mango Salsa –  A full fresh mango base with sweet peppers, red onions, extra fresh cilantro and lime mak

Mixed Berry

Beelzebub’s Mixed Berry Salsa – Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries oh my! Watch out for them or made to order. &n

Sour Cherry Jalapeno

  The name says it all! Delicious with cream cheese and crackers and even good on New-York style cheesecake. Available in

Habanero Maple

Beelzebub’s Habanero Maple Salsa – Eric’s favorite! Pure Pennsylvania  maple syrup sweetness with a habanero burn,

Pineapple – Strawberry

Beelzebub’s Pineapple – Strawberry Salsa –  Half pineapple plus half strawberry equals a natural sweet salsa.

Raspberry – Lime

Beelzebub’s Raspberry – Lime Salsa –  Our first limited salsa, very limited due to the fresh delicate raspberr

Smoked Horseradish Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs smoked on mesquite wood and then pickled in a garlic horseradish brine. No sugar! A healthy protein snack!

Golden Eggs

Beelzebub’s Golden Eggs are created with our homemade apple cider brine, mustard, and fresh jalapeno peppers. Enjoy them as

Spicy Shrooms


  Beelzebub’s Guacamole is made fresh to order! Using fresh ripened avocado, fresh squeezed lemons and a precise combin


Roasted Red Pepper



$4/8oz – Made to Order – 14 day shelf life





Sweet Potato



Smoked Horseradish

Fresh Basil

Black Bean Hummus

Chipotle Hummus

Dessert Hummus